Sunday, June 25, 2006

FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product Information:

Save up to $40.00 Mail-in rebate card inside box.

It will change the way you feel about testing.

  • Most people said "FreeStyle is painless."*.
  • Test on your forearm, upper arm, hand, thigh, calf, or fingertip.
  • World's smallest blood sample - 1/3 of a microliter.
  • Easy-to-use test strips.
  • Fast, accurate and precise results in an average of 15 seconds.
  • 250-test memory with date and time.
  • Automatic 14-day averaging.
  • FreeStyle Data Management Port.

FreeStyleâ„¢ Blood Glucose Monitoring System Contains:

  • FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter With Batteries.
  • 10 FreeStyle Test Strips.
  • FreeStyle Lancing Device.
  • 10 Sterile FreeStyle Lancets.
  • FreeStyle Control Solution.
  • Compact Carrying Case.
  • 8-Month Personal Logbook.
  • Step-by-Step Owner's Booklet.
  • Quick Reference Guide.
  • Warranty/Registration Card.

Most people said, "FreeStyle is painless."*.
With FreeStyle, you can test on your forearms. And in clinical studies, most people said testing on their forearms was painless.* FreeStyle also allows you to test on other areas - your upper arms, thighs, calves, and hands. And if you're no longer testing on your fingertips, you won't have any lingering pain to interfere with your day-to-day activities.

The world's smallest blood sample.
Unlike other meters that measure only a fraction of the glucose in a blood sample, the technology used in FreeStyle is based on measuring all of the glucose. Which is why FreeStyle gives you accurate and precise readings with a sample of 1/3 microliter - it's just a fraction of the smallest sample used by any other meter. And that's also why most people get enough blood without any squeezing, milking or pumping.

Now that's a welcome relief.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Duracell batteries included.
Customer Reviews

FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System - SAVE! Up to $40.00 with mail in rebate** rates 5 out of 5 stars, from 4 customer reviews.This was my first choice of meters when I was first diagnosed with diabetes; my GP did not offer one so I bought it on my own. Later my endocrinologist gave me another one with more bells and whistles but I was surprised at how much more blood it required for testing. The Freestyle takes so much less that I don't have to squeeze out a giant drop like I did with the "better" meter. I find the strips easier to use as well; instead of filling the end, there is a spot on each side that will accept the blood sample. Another plus is the lancing device, which I like much better than the pen-based ones. Aside from all that, the "better" monitor turned into a random number generator one morning. I've never had a problem with the FreeStyle at all.
-- Leigh, Dawsonville, GA on May 10, 2006
FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System - SAVE! Up to $40.00 with mail in rebate** rates 5 out of 5 stars, from 4 customer reviews.Love the small size and ease of use! It's great! My only complaint is the cost of Freestyle test strips, they are way too expensive. I don't know why they can't just make one or two types of test strips that will fit into about any monitor that you chose to use, but guess that is asking for too much! Ha! I highly recommend this meter though, it is great. I love the reminder alarms you can set, as well as the backlight.
-- Susie S on December 19, 2005
FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System - SAVE! Up to $40.00 with mail in rebate** rates 4 out of 5 stars, from 4 customer reviews.Great product! I love how small this is. You are able to put it in your pocket or purse very comfortably. Results are fairly quick and you have the luxury of testing almost anywhere! My only complaint is that the screen resolution makes it difficult to read sometimes. Despite that minor complaint, this tester is great!
-- amy on February 17, 2004
FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System - SAVE! Up to $40.00 with mail in rebate** rates 5 out of 5 stars, from 4 customer reviews.I am a "hands on" Building Contractor and as such my hands are a hard and calloused. Stabbing my fingers three times a day was very painful and when my doctor offered this unit I jumped at it. It is great, it takes very little blood to get a reading, and it is painless.
They now have a data cable available to download your readings automatically to your computer and offer online storage as well. Love it!
-- Mike C on December 16, 2003


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